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Editor: Roberta Ferguson

Roberta founded the site in 2006 as a music venture. In 2009, the website took a new direction because of our love for the world of entertainment news reporting. In its eighth year of operations, Earsucker is known for breaking news, busting bad gossip and legitimate news reporting. We love gossip and work hard to report what’s going down in Tinseltown.

Lead Contributor: Scott Erckman

Scott loves all things Batman, eighties music and Van Halen. When he’s not busy rooting his Android phone, he’s watching The Amazing Race and dreaming of the new Batman video game.

Assistant Editor: Jessica LeFevre

Jessica cites Alexander Skarsgard and Henry Cavill as the two men that all men should aspire to be. She still likes Orlando Bloom, even though he can look girly and wonders why people are so fascinated with Kim Kardashian’s butt.

Contributing Writer: Lydia Harris

Lydia loves reading and writing about all things celebrity. She’s a fan of True Blood and anything Charlaine Harris scribbles on paper. She’s Team Eric, in case you were wondering. She loves vampire movies, but you wouldn’t catch her going near Twilight. (Vampires do NOT sparkle!) She loves all music, except for country and will play the same song over and over incessantly. Seriously. Please put the Culture Club CD away already.

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