Adam Lambert talks sex with Perez Hilton

adam_lambert_perezGross, gross, and more gross. When you read this, you’re going to picture Perez gettin’ it on and that just makes me physically ill.

Adam Lambert totally denied Perez Hilton and said that he’s taken! Ha!

I’m not sure what spawned this conversation between the two. I don’t read Perez’s craptastic website so I can’t tell you if he said some really cool things about Adam, but Adam responded with this tweet:

@perezhilton. Thank you very much for bragging bout me that was sweet. I’ll stoop: i’m more of Top. Not an offer though, I’m taken. :) ha

To which Perez responded with:

@adamlambert I’ll stoop lower. I’m more of a top too! xoxo

Love Adam’s music, but when I heard Perez’s revelation, it made me want to vomit.

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