Alexander Skarsgard Is Looking For A Girlfriend

Alexander Skarsgard Is Looking For A Girlfriend

Attention ladies, True Blood fans and those interested in the Skarsgard goodies: Alexander Skarsgard is lonely and is looking for love. Do you have what it takes to make Alex happy?

It has been revealed that despite the rumors of him hooking up with Ellen Page, he is currently on the prowl for his newest lady love.

He has reportedly told friends that he is sick and tired of being single and wants to share his life with a lady. A source revealed, “Alex is incredibly lonely and has been for a long time – he wants to find that special someone.”

The pal added, “When one friend asked him what was wrong, Alex said he still really misses his ex Kate Bosworth and needs a wife to take care of him… he was joking but you could tell he was really hurting.”

Any takers at all? A lonely Viking vampire on the hunt for a woman….it sounds like the beginning of a True Blood episode, no?

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