Amanda Bynes Covers In Touch Weekly (Photo)

Amanda Bynes Covers In Touch Weekly (Photo)

Troubled actress Amanda Bynes is featured on the cover of the latest copy of In Touch Weekly and she is “lucky to be alive”. The magazine takes its readers from rock bottom where Amanda was sporting these crazy wigs to her recovery. It looks like they’re using an old, pre-crazy photo of Amanda….right?

The magazine discusses her issues with drugs, arrests and psych wards as she opens up to them for the first time since entering treatment. Now that Amanda is out of rehab, she is embracing her second chance at a normal life.

In addition, the magazine covers the measures that her parents took in order to save her from the chaos that she was creating for herself. From the tabloid’s report:

Since leaving a Los Angeles rehab facility following stays in two different psychiatric hospitals, Amanda Bynes is getting a second chance as she begins the slow, painful process of rebuilding her life. “She realizes how erratic she was acting before and is well aware that it was not a healthy lifestyle for her,” says a family insider. “Amanda understands that treatment was — and is — necessary, and is working on herself.”

We are glad that Amanda is back on the road to recovery and is getting better. Kudos to her parents for stepping in and helping her get her life back together.

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