Amanda Bynes Getting Evicted From Her NYC Apartment?

Amanda Bynes Getting Evicted From Her NYC Apartment?

Is Amanda Bynes getting evicted from her apartment in New York City? It would certainly appear so after reports trickled in that she was threatened with eviction. A snitch close to the situation said that Amanda had to leave her NYC pad because of the eviction threats, but Amanda is denying those reports.

Amanda has texted Celebuzz to inform them that the reports of her getting evicted are incorrect and even said that she’s not even renting the property. She texted, “I’m not moving. I don’t have a landlord! I don’t rent! I own a condo in NY.”

TMZ previously reported that the actress was evicted from the building earlier in the month because she was being a nuisance. The managers of the building took an issue with Amanda’s penchant for smoking marijuana. Reportedly, Amanda had been enjoying smoking the herb in the building’s hallways, despite the fact that her building is a non-smoking area.

She wasn’t planning on challenging the order to move, but planned on leaving in peace. The only way that we’re going to know for sure is if she moves out. Even then, it’s likely that she will say that she “chose” to move instead of getting the royal boot from the building. What do you think? Is she getting evicted and is only trying to save face? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.

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