Amanda Bynes Has Gotten Another Nose Job (Photo)

Amanda Bynes Has Gotten Another Nose Job (Photo)

Amanda Bynes has gone back under the knife for her third nose job in such a short amount of time. In her most recent turn in her latest shenanigans, Amanda has undergone a bit of an image change.

She has bizarrely been smoking pot, getting allegedly evicted from her apartment and has tossed a so-called bong out of a window. She’s not seeming to run on all cylinders, really.

Yesterday, the troubled starlet took to her official Twitter account to say, “I’m in between nose surgeries! My eyes are black and blue because my nose is broken! I can’t wait for my nose to be done! I’ll share pics!:)”

Interestingly enough, if this is accurate, this would mark her third nose job in the span of less than a month-and-a-half. Why does she have such a poor self image that she feels the need to continue altering her appearance? Anyone want to take a guess on that one? We are genuinely curious here.

Hat tip: Scottie

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