Amanda Bynes’ Lawyer Wants Paid For His Services

Amanda Bynes' Lawyer Wants Paid For His Services

Amanda Bynes’ lawyer really wants to be paid by the troubled actress – because she apparently turned him into a servant. According to a new report from TMZ, she had her attorney Artemio Santiago, fetching her dancing shoes and helped guide her in court.

TMZ reports:

Artemio Santiago, Esquire has filed legal docs claiming he was Amanda’s savior. Santiago says Amanda was a mess last October … refusing to take her meds while she was a patient at a Pasadena mental facility. He says Amanda hired him and the first thing he did was get her back on her meds.

Santiago says he became like an attendant, bringing her personal items like ballet shoes, tights, DVDs and various books.

You may remember after Amanda got out of the psych ward she was supposed to go to court but ended up eating lunch at a Hollywood diner with her lawyer. That was Santiago.

Now he wants around $16K for his troubles.

Amanda might have been under parents’ conservatorship at the time, so it’s likely that she may not be able to be held to any contractual obligations. Santiago is no stranger to court, however, and may just push the issue in order to receive payment for the services he claims to have rendered.

His parents and the lawyer for the conservatorship has claimed that Amanda Bynes was not in the mental capacity in order to enter into any binding agreement, so they are declining to pay at this time.

Amanda Bynes’ mental state isn’t a topic of question at this point as she is currently doing well. At least it sounds like she is definitely in a better place now than previously. At one time she was talking to inanimate objects and setting fire to her driveway in California. She was also reportedly engaged to a man of whom she met at rehab and had claimed in the past that her father molested her when she was younger.

Things are looking up….

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