Amanda Bynes Marks Twitter Return With New Selfie

Amanda Bynes Marks Twitter Return With New Selfie

Amanda Bynes has marked her return to Twitter after a short hiatus from the social networking website with the above selfie.

She has been under medical care in the past for what is claimed to by psychological issues, but the starlet is seemingly doing well – as evidenced by the photo that she shared on the website earlier today.

Bynes hasn’t been on Twitter since Christmas day and she has lost the lavender colored hair and her penchant to have Drake murder her lady parts. She uploaded the above photo without a caption, but her fans are loving her quick return to social media.

She is said to be under a conservatorship by her parents, but they were allegedly eager to give up their roles as conservators because of her disdain for them. In the past, Bynes has claimed that her father molested her as a young girl, but later took back her comments and claimed that her father Rick had a microchip placed inside her brain. At the time, she tweeted: “My dad never did any of those things The microchip in my brain made me say those things but he’s the one that ordered them to microchip me”.

The last we heard from Amanda, she was living without the aid of medications and was doing well. She was reportedly looking to transfer to the University of Southern California where she’d taken a tour. A source said at the time, “She was on a tour, came in and she was just looking around the cafeteria. She was on a cart tour. She was dressed super casually, but she had her big sunglasses on. S he was with just a tour guide and an assistant-type of person. I could tell she was really low key about it all.”

Hopefully things are looking up for Amanda Bynes in her life and career! Stay tuned for updates…

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