Amanda Bynes – Paranoid & Talking To Inanimate Objects In NYC

Amanda Bynes - Paranoid & Talking To Inanimate Objects In NYC

Poor Amanda Bynes sounds like she is having a rough go of it as she meanders around the Big Apple. Lord only knows what caused her to high tail it to New York City, but she is out there puffing on her Camel cigarettes, acting paranoid and talking to inanimate objects. But hey, at least she’s not “ugly”, right?

TMZ reports that the troubled actress turned fashion school student walked into the Cartier store on Friday night wearing sweatpants. Prior to that, the gossip website reports that she was strolling around the Upper East Side sporting that bandaid underneath her eye. TMZ has the full report:

We spoke with multiple people who saw Amanda in Union Square last night as well … and they say she seemed very paranoid. They also tells us she was speaking to inanimate objects like a tree.

As we previously reported, Bynes was acting very strange at LAX before her flight to NYC — and people close to her feel the situation is dire. Until Amanda’s parents pull the trigger and go back to court for a conservatorship, it’s a waiting game until she poses a significant danger to herself or others.

We are hoping that sooner or later her parents will see that she is definitely in dire need of some sort of professional help and will step in before it’s too late. We’re not holding our breath, though, primarily because Amanda is an adult and so far she hasn’t proven to be a danger to herself or anyone else.

In addition to recently being arrested for driving under the influence, Amanda was also said to have been kicked out of fashion school. Reportedly, she was asked to leave the school because of her penchant for showing up high on weed.

Some have said that her marijuana usage is the least of her concerns — as she has quit taking her medications for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Others have suggested that she is suffering from one or the other, but the actress herself says that she is just fine.

Get help Amanda! Chances are, if you’re talking to a tree then no good can come from it. Where are her parents?!?

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