Amanda Bynes Smoking Pipe While Driving; Cops Scared She’ll Hurt Someone

Amanda Bynes Smoking Pipe While Driving; Cops Scared She'll Hurt Someone

Even after Amanda Bynes has gotten her driver’s license suspended, she was spotted by TMZ out and about in her car. She was said to be smoking from what looked like a marijuana pipe and was driving around aimlessly for hours.

She did some shopping and stopped at a restaurant to take another toke of her pipe. Why is she out there driving on a suspended license?!? TMZ has the pictures, why aren’t the police arresting her for being so irresponsible?

She wasn’t trying to make it look as if she was blatantly smoking from a pipe, as it was designed to look like a car’s cigarette lighter. She was said to be driving around, endangering other drivers and driving somewhat aggressively.

What’s crazy about this is that she was involved in a DUI and two alleged hit-and-run accidents. She has had her license suspended as a result and yet she is still able to get behind the wheel of her car. Where is the LAPD?!?

A source revealed that Amanda doesn’t want to go to rehab to get help. The insider said, “Amanda is refusing to go to rehab or seek any form of psychiatric treatment or diagnosis, because it’s clear something is up with her. She has been told by her agent and her dad Rick that she has substance abuse issues and needs to get help. She’s a lost little girl right now.”

TMZ reports that the local cops out there are scared to death that she’s going to get out there and hurt someone:

“She’s on the same road as my wife and kids and I’m scared about getting a call in the middle of the night that my little one is dead.”

The cop added, “She’s addicted to something and she’s driving a deadly weapon and is going to kill someone. It scares the s**t out of me.”

Another cop said, “The public should be afraid of her. From looking at the photos, and what she’s smoking, she has no sense of reality. If she’s not stopped she’s gonna kill someone.”

Another said, “She is going down a road that she cannot come back from when she injures or kills someone. The photos don’t surprise me at all.”

If they are so afraid that she’s going to kill someone, then they should tail her as she leaves her house and arrest her for driving with a suspended license. Common sense people!

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