Amanda Bynes Struggling With Involuntary Hospitalization

Amanda Bynes Struggling With Involuntary Hospitalization

Amanda Bynes was hospitalized on Friday after her parents worked with an unlikely ally to get the troubled actress the mental help she so desperately needs. We have learned that Lynn and Rick Bynes utilized the help of Britney Spears’ former friend Sam Lutfi to get Amanda hospitalized under a 5150 psychiatric hold at Pasadena Hospital.

Her parents worked closely with Lutfi in order to conjure up the plan that saw Amanda get locked away for 72 hours. Not only that, but the 5150 hold can be extended for two weeks if needed — but it should be enough time for her parents to seek another conservatorship over her affairs.

The straw that broke the camel’s back had to be Bynes’ recent Twitter tirade in which she put her father on blast for his alleged incest. After ranting on Twitter, Bynes recanted her incest remarks against her father and claimed that it was all due to a microchip in her brain that her father had installed there.

Bynes was in New York City, but was contacted by Lutfi — who told her that she needed to bring a lawsuit against her parents and then confront them at their hotel. He advised Bynes that her car would make two stops, one to her lawyer’s office and the other to the London Hotel where her parents were staying. The Pasadena Hospital looks like an office building, so when Bynes emerged to supposedly talk with her lawyer, she entered the facility and was then surrounded by nurses and doctors.

We’ve since learned that Bynes is struggling with her hospitalization and has yet to adjust to her life of confinement as she receives treatment. A source said, “Amanda is having a tough time adjusting to being in treatment again. However, the facility she is in is truly first class and it will be a calming environment to deal with her issues out of the spotlight.”

The source continued, “In a rare moment of clarity before Amanda became a patient at the mental health facility in Pasadena, she actually deleted the posts on Twitter accusing her father of sexually abusing her. Amanda had read her mom Lynn’s statement strongly condemning her daughter’s false allegations. No one else but Amanda did it. Her parents don’t know her password, and neither does Sam Lutfi.”

Hopefully her parents are going to have enough time to ensure that there is another conservatorship in place before unleashing Bynes back onto the world. It’s insane to think that the one person who was said to be allegedly drugging Britney Spears was the one who put the plan to help Bynes into action.

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