Amber Tamblyn Joins ‘Two And A Half Men’ As Charlie’s Lesbian Daughter

Amber Tamblyn Joins 'Two And A Half Men' As Charlie's Lesbian Daughter

Who even knew that Charlie Harper had a daughter on Two And A Half Men? We’re guessing Charlie Sheen didn’t know that the show’s creators would materialize a daughter for his dead character.

Amber Tamblyn has already signed on to play Jenny Harper, Charlie’s lesbian daughter. Reportedly, she is set to fill in the gap left by Angus T. Jones as his character ventures off to college and the land of guest starring roles. Tamblyn’s character is described as a “sexy and gorgeous” girl who “uses her hotness when she needs to” and “likes everything her dad liked, including women.”

Tamblyn’s role could turn into a series regular if audiences respond positively to her character. Chuck Lorre said, “I think it would be great to have a voice on the show from a different perspective. The show has enough testosterone to last a lifetime. Part of the fun in this has been creating a character that is equal to the task of stepping on the stage with Jon Cryer and Ashton Kutcher. That’s a big job. The idea of the character brings a healthy amount of decadence, which is always fun on ‘Two And A Half Men.'”

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