American Horror Story Season 1 Finale Review

American Horror Story Season 1 Finale Review

WOW! Last night’s American Horror Story finale was totally crazy. Now all the Harmons are dead and trapped inside the very house that killed them. What did you think about the way that Ben died? That was definitely a twist in the plot for sure because I thought for sure he would survive and get out of the house. Now the only one left actually alive is the one twin that Constance managed to steal away from Hayden who stole the poor kid from Ben’s dead hands.

It was not surprising to see that Marcy the realtor jumped on getting that house back on the market once Ben was out of the way. Course what was interesting was that she took their family dog. Wonder if that will come up later in season 2. Interesting to that Marcy conveniently forgets to mention the murders that went on the house. The poor Ramones got the crap scared right out of them. But at least they managed to escape the Murder House. For their sake hopefully they will never return.

It was great planning on Vivian, Moira, Ben, and Violet’s part to get the Ramones out of the house before the house consumed them. Vivian ripping Ben’s guts out and him shooting her in the head was pretty funny especially when they both stood up afterward. If that didn’t scare them nothing would.

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