American Idol Liveblog & Recap: Auditions Episode 1/23/13

American Idol Liveblog & Recap: Auditions Episode 1/23/13

Tonight on FOX at 8PM EST is an all new episode of the hit singing competition “American Idol”. The auditions continue on the show as the judges search for the next holder of the Idol crown in Charlotte, North Carolina. In case you’ve missed out on all of the action so far, we have been watching so you don’t have to. You can read our season premiere episode recap here, or last week’s recap here.

So far we have seen some pretty talented singers grace the stage in front of the new judges and Randy Jackson. Because there are three new judges, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban, it appears that the title of “Mr. Nasty” has been bestowed upon Randy, who has been telling it like it is. No sugar coating from him — just the way we like it.

We’ve heard reports that the feud between Mariah and Nicki heats up throughout this week’s auditions. They just love to pick at each other, don’t they? At least they have Keith in between them!

Stay tuned to Earsucker from 8 to 10PM EST as we cover all of the events on tonight’s show with our up-to-the-minute coverage. You won’t want to miss out on this and as always refresh this page often to get the latest scoop!


The show is in Charlotte tonight and Ryan Seacrest is racing!

Naomi Morris is up first for tonight’s show. She’s all about the self designed fashion….She definitely wants to make an impression on the judges. She’s singing Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” and she sucks. Time to go! She is obviously nervous, so the judges have given her another chance. Still sucks….she is out.

Joel Nemoyer is up next and he’s singing “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble. He laid down on the floor to sing and it’s just weird. It wasn’t good at all, but singing is not for him, but he’s polite.

Brian Rittenberry is singing next and he’s performing “Let It Be”. He’s pretty good! The judges are impressed and weren’t expecting that. He’s going through to Hollywood! His wife is coming in to meet Keith!

Up next is Jimmy Smith and he counts Keith as an inspiration in his singing. He’s performing “Bless The Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts. He’s pretty decent for a country singer. The judges were impressed by his singing talent and he is off to Hollywood!

Sarina-Joi Crowe is singing next and she’s good! Haley Davis is singing in the montage, followed by Na’Chelle Fullins and they’re both getting through to Hollywood. It’s a good singers getting through montage.

Scottie McCreery has decided to visit the show. Singing next is Matthew Muse and he’s performing his rendition of “When I Get Where I’m Going” by Brad Paisley. The judges do not look impressed at all. They don’t think he’s ready for the show yet.

Isabel Gonzales is up next after being nominated by her aunt for an audition. She’s performing “Nothing Can Ever Change This Love” by Sam Cooke. She is really, really good. She definitely has a unique voice and it’s just what the competition needs. Nicki loves her and Keith called her a natural. Mariah said she’s adorable and a star. She’s going through to Hollywood.

Singing next is Taisha Bethea singing “Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash. Next, she’s singing Alanis Morrissette’s “You Oughtta Know”. She’s got a heck of a voice. Do the judges think she’s ready? Nicki said yes, Mariah said no, Keith said yes and Randy said not quite yet. Keith is the deciding vote, so she’s going through to Hollywood.

Now it’s time for some judges’ drama. Afterward, a girl by the name of Summer Cunningham is singing “Lean On Me” and she’s got some phenomenal singing talent. Keith said yes, Randy said yes, Mariah said yes and Nicki said Summer has a great voice. This has turned into a big debate between the judges on country music. She is getting through to Hollywood and Nicki has opted to walk off of the panel.

First up on day two of the Charlotte auditions is Brandy Alexandria Hamilton and she’s performing “All I Could Do Is Cry” by Etta James. She’s got some talent! Her voice is amazing. Randy said she lit up the room, Keith said he heard enough to know that it’s all in there. Nicki said she made her feel what she was singing and Mariah said she lights up the room. She’s going through to Hollywood.

Singing next is Ashley Smith and she’s singing “Cowboy Cassanova” by Carrie Underwood. She’s not bad! The judges look like they’re having a good time listening to her performance. She’s going through!

We’ve got a montage of Nicki renaming all of the contestants. Now, we’re hearing from a girl by the name of Janelle Arthur and she’s singing “Where The Black Top Ends”. She has some real talent in her voice. Keith loved it. Obviously, she’s going through to the next round.

It’s a montage of scary, awful singers! Rodney Barber is the last singer for the judges to hear before Keith has to leave for the day. He’s a street performer who helps out the homeless. He’s singing “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain. Mariah loved it. Keith said he’s got a big voice. Nicki loved it and was inspired by his story. Randy liked his voice. He’s obviously going through to Hollywood.

Candice Glover is up next, singing “Syrup & Honey” by Duffy. She gets a standing ovation from the judges! Nicki said she’s obsessed with her and that she wants to skin her and wear her. She said she’s not worthy to even critique her. Mariah said this was the absolute best singing they’ve heard so far. Randy said she is exactly what the show is about. She’s going through!

Up next is Ja’Bria Barber singing “Pride And Joy” (Bonnie Raitt’s version). She can sing! She gets a yes from the three judges.

Brad Harris up next, singing “Whole New World” from the Aladdin soundtrack. It’s not good at all. He is not going through.

Singing last today is Seretha Guinn singing “Fresh Prince of Belaire”. She is really good and her daughter is adorable. For an encore performance, she’s singing “How Do I Live Without You” by LeAnn Rimes. She’s got an amazing voice. Nicki called her a super star, Randy said she blew him away and Mariah said she’s got a beautiful voice. She’s getting through to Hollywood.

What was your favorite performance of the evening? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below!

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