American Idol Recap: Hollywood Week 2/8/12

American Idol Recap: Hollywood Week 2/8/12

And now, what we’ve all been waiting for….. It’s Hollywood week at American Idol! This season is packed full of hopefuls that will sing their hearts out to be the next American Idol. From the previews it looks like we have a person who to that gets a little too excited and the EMT’s are called in to help. I can understand fainting too, if I was up there with everything riding on me, I would fall over too. Will the contestants be able to handle all the pressure? We will see here shortly as the Hollywood Week Takes off tonight.

The Judges tonight, Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson, and Steven Tyler will be on their game tonight and looking for the ones that can hack the pressure and show their talent! This is the second level and we shall see who actually makes it to the next segment of the show. Good Luck to all the contestants tonight.

Join us for the recap tonight as we reveal who passes out, who passes on to the next level and who gets sent home.


Here we are in Hollywood for the next part part of the show! 309 contestants will leave home to go to Hollywood to perform and change their life forever.

Groups of ten are to start now with no feedback right away.

Read the rest of the recap here!

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