American Idol Recap: Top 5 Elimination Results 5/3/12

American Idol Recap: Top 5 Elimination Results 5/3/12

Last night on “American Idol’s” performance episode, the top five remaining contestants took on songs from the sixties, as well as Brit Pop songs. Overall, all of the performers gave it their all, but in the end, only four will survive tonight’s elimination show. In case you’ve missed the show, you can catch our full official recap of all of the performances here, as well as the judges’ commentary.

Tonight is an all new results show and the competition is heating up. So who is getting closer to wearing the “American Idol” crown and who will be sent packing? If we had to go by the poll that we conducted earlier, we would have to guess that Phillip Phillips will be eliminated, however much we hope that’s not the case.

Performing on tonight’s episode of the show are Coldplay, who are doing two songs, in addition to Carrie Underwood’s performance in promotion for her new album, “Blown Away”.

Tonight at 8PM EST, we will be providing you with the most up-to-the-minute details of who’s getting the boot! Stay tuned for our LIVE COVERAGE of the show! Are you excited to see who will be part of the TOP FOUR? We know we are! Stay tuned and watch the show with us! We will let you know first if we’re in for another shocker!


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