American Idol Review: What Do You Think So Far?

American Idol Review: What Do You Think So Far?

The first week of American Idol’s twelfth season is underway and we’ve seen some amazing talent take the stage so far. In case you’ve missed the New York and New Jersey auditions, you can read about those at the link provided, along with the Chicago auditions here. It proved to be an interesting two nights worth of auditions for the competitors and the judges alike.

From what we have already seen, it appears that the new judges, Keith Urban, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj are all being quite nice to the less than talented competitors. They have suggested other career paths prior to rejecting the less than stellar singers. Meanwhile, veteran judge Randy is like “Yo dawg, you’re tone deaf” along with other brutally honest commentaries.

Who we’re looking out for this season so far:

Tenna Torres, Christina “Isabelle”, Shira Gavrielov, Sarah Restuccio, Ashlee Feliciano, Kiara Lanier, Isabel Pasqualone, Curtis Finch Jr., Johnny Keyser, Josh Holiday, Kez Ban and Lazaro Arbos.

We are really digging the chemistry between Mariah and Nicki so far this season. They bicker and it’s hilarious. Mariah’s like, “I’m old school”, while Nicki’s like, “Whateva!” We’re just missing Simon Cowell from the judge’s table. Surely these judges know how to up the ante with the commentary and not always be so nice to the competitors.

What do you think of season twelve so far? We want to know who your favorite judge is! Also, who’s your favorite singer this season? Hit the comments and let us know!

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