Amy Diamond takes the UK by storm

U.K. singing sensation Amy Diamond has had her fair share of ups and downs; coping with the recent break up from her boyfriend to battling with health issues and financial worries…but things could soon be about to turn for the better for the BBC One star.

Amy, who was catapulted to fame by appearing in the hit BBC One ‘Search for Dorothy’ reality show, Over the Rainbow , graced a double page spread in OK! magazine last week (something usually only given to the likes of Vicky B and Katie Price) demonstrating her meteoric rise to stardom.

Thing’s weren’t always so smooth sailing for Amy. She used to pose as a Page 3 glamor model for the likes of Brit papers The Sun, which gave her critics ammunition to slander her on the show but as she says it clearly hasn’t done her much harm.

She said, “I don’t regret anything I’ve done in the past – it lead me to be one of the final ten on Over the Rainbow so it couldn’t have been that bad! I just hope from here I can keep climbing the ladder and one day I hope it leads me all the way to Broadway…now that would be incredible!”

Amy’s UK agent Ben Totty of Buchanan Associates said, “Amy hails from Liverpool and came to the bright lights of London with a twinkle in her eye and a dream in her Gucci handbag – She’s appeared in other TV shows such as the hit programme The Hustle and has more ambition than anyone I know. I have no doubts that she’ll get to perform on the Great White Way one day…”

Amy is on the fast track to becoming one of London’s West End’s leading ladies, the possibility of joining a girl band and with her fashion modeling career taking off this wont be the last we’ve heard from Amy…

Thanks Cheryl!

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