Amy Winehouse Cancels Some European Tour Dates

Amy Winehouse Cancels Some Tour Dates

Amy Winehouse performed in Serbia last night, but the crowd booed her comeback performance. She appeared drunk on stage as she slurred the lyrics to songs and just seemed out of it.

Now, Amy is cancelling part of her tour dates because she just can’t hack it, obviously. Her performance last night was called the worst in the history of Belgrade, even though fans paid $57.00 per ticket to see her perform. It doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but the average person living there only makes roughly $428.00 per month.

Now, Amy’s rep has announced today that she will be canceling some of her European tour dates. The rep said that Amy will be canceling her Istanbul concert for Monday, as well as Wednesday’s performance in Athens.

The rep also noted that Amy has realized that she “cannot perform to the best of her ability.”

Of course she can’t. The poor woman needs rehab before it’s really too late. She really needs to just spend more than a month taking care of herself and recovering from her demons. She has a tremendous amount of talent and it would be a shame to waste that because she can’t get her life together.

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