Amy Winehouse gets her U.S. visa | Still doing Grammys via satellite from London

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse had recently applied for a U.S. visa and was denied. The singer planned on doing her Grammys performance via satellite from London. Now, the order has been overturned and she has been granted a visa to enter the United States.

Her spokesperson says:

“To prepare for the performance, Amy will be leaving the rehabilitation clinic today (Friday) where she has been a resident for two weeks. “She is feeling great, looking healthy and looking forward to doing what she does best. “She will remain under full medical supervision and her treatment will continue as normal.”

She has decided that it’s too late to actually perform in person at the Grammys and has said that the plans to play via satellite will go on as originally planned.

Hopefully she stays clean and puts on a wonderful show.

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