Amy Winehouse Is Wreaking Havoc In The Caribbean

Amy Winehouse is upsetting the applecart in the Caribbean by bugging fellow vacationers – again!

The singer has been seen stripping off at the hotel where she is currently staying. After spending two months vacationing in St. Lucia, and returning to London for a month, she’s ruffling feathers once more.

Yesterday she was spotted having fun in the sun, sans clothes. She’s staying at the Cotton Bay Village Hotel and was reportedly told that she couldn’t sunbathe topless on the beach.

A snitch on the island says, “Everyone was shocked. One miinute Amy was relaxing with friends on the beach and the next she was running around half naked. She seems to like lounging around topless and might have had enough of being told what to do. She was talking to herself as she ran and flailing her arms around but we couldn’t tell what she was saying – it didn’t make a bit of sense.”

Is Amy back on drugs?

Image Credit: Daniel Arnold! via Creative Commons/Flickr

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