And speaking of presents, Guitar Hero 2 & 3 rock my socks!!


I got both Guitar Hero 2 & 3 for my kids for Christmas, along with two of the Xplorer controllers. Yesterday, they were rockin’ like Slash at a Velvet Revolver concert.

And all was well. I took them over to their father’s house and lo’ and behold, my boyfriend and I were left with the games, two guitars, and no kids….

So we played and we played and we played some more. We rocked out! We battled Tom Morello and unlocked Slash. We played Cult of Personality on medium and Raining Blood on easy. We found out that I give up when the songs get too hard…hehe

It was all good fun, though. Hope all of you enjoyed your Christmas and the presents!

Take that Gloria Estefan!!

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