And the world is coming to an end | Def Leppard close to being on CMT

Okay, check out the picture above and riddle me this: Does this look like COUNTRY to you?!???!?

I almost died when I read this nonsense. To be fair, let me just say this, I’ve never NEVER EVER been a fan of country music EVER. So I read that the makers of that CMT crap are trying to pair up Def Leppard with someone to feature on their CRAP TV SHOW, Crossroads, I blew a gasket.


Check it out, via Def Leppard SOL:

Country Music Television, a cable channel seen in more than 87 million homes, is reportedly close to pairing Def Leppard with a country artist for a future appearance on ‘Crossroads’, according to the New York Times.

“CMT now cannot accommodate all the artists who wish to be a part of the show. It is currently looking for the right country artist to pair with Lenny Kravitz, and is close to landing partners for Maroon 5 and Def Leppard, Mr. Flanagan said.”

As much as I love Def Leppard, I will not not NOT watch this garbage. Rubbish, I tell you. RUBBISH!

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