Angelina Jolie Calls Off Wedding To Brad Pitt?

Angelina Jolie Calls Off Wedding To Brad Pitt?

Is Angelina Jolie calling off her wedding to fiance Brad Pitt? We’re not buying, but this is a gossip website, so we’ll bite. According to the latest Brangelina gossip, Angie is thinking about calling off her wedding to Brad because of some anti-gay comments that his mother Jane made in a recent letter.

Jane recently spoke of her support for Republican tard Mitt Romney, saying that “any Christian should spend much time in prayer” before not choosing Mitt because of his Mormon religion. She said that he has “high morals and business experience”, along with his anti-abortion stance and his “Christian conviction concerning homosexuality.”

If you’ll recall, Brad and Angelina made it a point to say that they would not get married until there was marriage equality in the United States. According to the tabloids, Angelina isn’t too thrilled with Jane’s comments.

A source said, “Angie is freaking out that Brad’s own mom has such views. She is absolutely mortified. She was almost tearing her hair out she was so incensed by Jane’s words. She thought they were hateful. Angie told Brad that he better talk to his mom immediately and straighten her out…or else the wedding is off!”

We’re not buying this whatsoever. Are you?

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