Arnold Schwarzenegger Defended By Ex-Nanny

Arnold Schwarzenegger Defended By Ex-Nanny

Arnold Schwarzenegger only had eyes for one of his former housekeepers, Mildred Patricia Baena. Who knew?

She sought out a relationship with the former California Governor, and thus had his baby as a result. Another of his ex-employees has come forward to say that he was a good guy around her. The former nanny said that Arnold never touched her inappropriately or any other member of the staff. Of course, she wasn’t hiding in his pocket, or she would’ve known about the affair that he had with Patty…right?

The former nanny said that he “was a flirt, but he never touched me inappropriately, or anyone else that I could tell.”

This former employee worked with Arnold and his wife during the same time that Patty did. Like I’ve said, she couldn’t have watched him 24/7, but she was probably privvy to some gossip, right?

Now that the affair and illegitimate child has been made public, Maria Shriver is said to be gearing up for divorce. And of course, he wants another chance to make things right with his wife. That is impossible, unless he’s in possession of a time machine….and some morals.

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