Ashton Kutcher’s sex tape claims blown off by Vivid Entertainment

According to sources, Ashton Kutcher’s rumored mistress, Brittney Jones is releasing a sex tape (photos HERE). In the promotion for the tape, they say, “Ashton’s fans will undoubtedly enjoy seeing what the star himself may have experienced…” His attorneys also claim that Vivid is “trading on Mr. Kutcher’s good name and reputation for a commercial purpose, and are attempting to misappropriate and convert the potential economic value of Mr. Kutcher’s identity to your own advantage.”

Vivid sent a statement of their own to Ashton, and plainly put, they weren’t amused. Their letter states, “First and foremost, Vivid specifically denies any wrongdoing or liability and believes the allegations made against Vivid are without merit.”

The rest:

I am not aware that Vivid has released any video using Ashton Kutcher’s name or likeness. Also, it was unclear from your letter exactly what Mr. Kutcher is alleging caused, and will continue to cause, substantial damages to Mr. Kutcher and placed Mr. Kutcher in extreme jeopardy.

Is your client alleging that Vivid has somehow concocted a story that Mr. Kutcher had an affair with Brittney Jones, thereby damaging Mr. Kutcher’s reputation? Mr. Kutcher’s alleged affair with Brittney Jones has been widely reported in the press for several months. Therefore, we doubt the claim of substantial damages and placement of Mr. Kutcher in extreme jeopardy arises from Vivid’s upcoming release of an adult video featuring his alleged mistress, Brittney Jones.

Of course, if you are aware of any other facts which indicate that my client has somehow caused, and will continue to cause, substantial damages to Mr. Kutcher please let us know.

In other words: Pound salt.

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