b5Media opens fire on the entire entertainment channel, fires 50 bloggers

I was blogging for b5Media at RumorsInMusic.com (not linking it) up until earlier today. The company issued a cheesy form letter for terminating my contract with them. Upon receipt of the email from the company’s President, Elaine Kunda, it was notifying me of my contract termination, effective immediately.

My dealings with the company have always been kind and I was always supportive of any changes that the company was making. With former President Jeremy Wright, we were always informed and always a part of whatever changes were being made.

Today, I felt blindsided by the company’s actions. Without proper explanation and after having only received a form letter, I was insulted. I received an email from another of b5’s former bloggers, who informed me that it was a channel-wide slaying of writers. All so that they could make their new site, Crushable. I learned that by googling “b5media firings”.

Thanks so much Elaine, for nothing.

Update:Co-founder Duncan Riley is already predicting the end of the company.

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