Ben Flajnik & Courtney Robertson Are Faking Romance For The Cameras

Ben Flajnik & Courtney Robertson Are Faking Romance For The Cameras

The Bachelor star Ben Flajnik and his model fiance Courtney Robertson are said to be faking their romance for the sake of the cameras. Can you believe that? Why would they keep up such a charade? Does any of the romances that play out on reality television actually work?

According to the latest issue of Reality Weekly magazine, Ben and Courtney are only staying together for the fame that their relationship brings. A source revealed to the magazine, “They’re both addicted to the limelight, and they both want to be famous. They are getting many freebies out of this ‘romance’ and that’s a hard thing to walk away from.”

During public appearances, Ben and Courtney are every bit the happy couple who holds hands, kisses and they talk about how their relationship is moving along. After the cameras are turned off, all of the romantic gestures are put aside and the charade comes to an end.

A source revealed, “Ben and Courtney showed zero chemistry together”, during an appearance together at the Night of a Billion Reality Stars gala in Hollywood. “They showed no affection all night. They never touched or engaged each other unless it was for a picture. They certainly don’t look happy.”

Staying together for the fame and spotlight — that sounds like a Kardashian thing. Hmm…

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