Beyonce And Jay-Z’s Marriage Is Falling Apart: Report

Beyonce And Jay-Z's Marriage Is Falling Apart: Report

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s marriage is said to be falling apart, according to the latest reports surrounding the superstar couple. It all began when the couple went to a Met Gala afterparty and Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles attacked Jay-Z in an elevator.

A source close to the couple insists that the reports of their marriage being in trouble are true and things between Bey and Jay are more business-like than anything else. One friend said, “Knowing them as I do, obviously there’s a little something to certain reports. When your man or your woman isn’t getting it done for you, and I’m talking emotionally, not necessarily sexually…they keep things quiet.”

Recent rumors surrounding the couple said that they were planning on splitting up right after they got done with their “On The Run” tour. It was said that they were already knee-deep in business dealings because of the joint venture that they had to wait to make their split official.

Another source revealed that their business relationship was way more important to them than the state of their marriage. The source said, “There’s still something there, even though it’s not going to last. Business is always part of the equation. They know they’re the king and queen of hip-hop – and really, all of music. Neither wants to lose that. They are solid, solid business people who know what they’re doing.”

While undergoing marriage counseling on the tour, Jay has been busy on his cell phone. The source added, “His phone’s constantly ringing. Jay’s trying to make deal after deal.”

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