Beyonce’s bags get their own hotel room

90913A2_KNOWLES_B_B-GR_13Well it must be nice to be Beyonce and her luggage.

Apparently while in Britain earlier this week, she had to purchase another hotel room just for her belongings. She was reportedly staying at the Lowry Hotel in Manchester, but paid for an extra room for her clothes and accessories.

A source said, “She had seven suitcases, three hand-luggage bags, and two boxes, all for her mammoth gig. Beyonce doesn’t do things by halves – especially where her performances are concerned. So in the cases there were approximately 14 dresses along with numerous pairs of shoes. Another box was full of makeup and the other had about 25 wigs in it.”

All for just one show? Sheesh, that seems really excessive.

Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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