Bill and Giuliana Rancic are having a baby

Bill and Giuliana Rancic are having a baby

After years of trouble conceiving, Bill and Giuliana Rancic are excited to announce that they are expecting their first child together via gestational surrogate.

The couple have gone through many trials and tribulations in order to conceive — and it’s finally happening for them. Appearing on the “Today” show on Monday, the couple announced that they are expecting a child together.

They have always been open about their journey to parenthood, which included IVF treatments and a miscarriage. Now, they have been able to use a gestational surrogate in order to conceive. Basically that means that the child is biologically their baby, but is being carried in another womb.

Of the baby announcement, Giuliana said, “It was pretty much one of the best moments of my life, if not the best moment of my life.”

She revealed that they had discovered one of her embryos which they had banked prior to her learning that she had breast cancer. She said, “It was just another world, on another level”, adding that the baby’s sex is going to be a surprise to both of them.

Bill said, “This was our last stop. This was it. We had those two embyros that we had banked prior to learning about the breast cancer, and with the medicine she was on, this was our last effort. The prayers were answered.”

They are expecting their first child this summer.

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