Blackout released, any takers…anyone? Are you still there?

Blackout was released last night at midnight, so I’ve got to wonder if there are any fans left to buy this nonsense?

According to reports (and common sense), Britney’s package was never all about the music, primarily because it was just plain not that good. The image sold Britney, the schoolgirl outfit and the dance moves sold her albums.

After all, music was never really the strongest part of the Britney Spears package in the first place. She was more about, well, packaging – the look, the videos, the personal life, everything that surrounded the music.

So now, in the midst of all of her personal turmoil – the custody battle, the substance abuse allegations, the wobbly public performances – did anyone really expect “Blackout” to be some sort of artistic leap forward? Of course not.

I think anyone could be a Britney with the right people behind them.

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