Blake Fielder-Civil Used Amy Winehouse For Money

Blake Fielder-Civil Used Amy Winehouse For Money

According to reports, Amy Winehouse’s ex-husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, only used her for the big pay day that she represented. Ugh, I just can’t with this fool. He got her hooked on drugs and then takes advantage of her for her money? What a loser!

They’ve been said to have had a toxic love/hate relationship, but new reports suggest that he was only in it for the cashola. A source said that he used her obsession with him to get money for cocaine and heroin.

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The source said, “He’d charge her £150 just to kiss him and get near him. They’d be sitting, having a couple of drinks and she’d be trying to snuggle up to him. She’d say, ‘Give me a kiss, sailor.’ He’d go, ‘F**k off, Give me some money then’ — and she’d go, ‘Blake, Blake.’ He liked her but he didn’t love her.”

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The snitch went on to reveal, “She’d pay for him to get cabs to wherever she was. She’d pay £150 for a cab. This was the pattern throughout their relationship.”

Still, Blake is incarcerated (as usual) and is feeling sorry for himself. A source said, “He talked about how much he did for her, buying a dozen bouquets on their first anniversary – one for each month they’d be married. He is trying to justify his behavior. He’s trying to convince himself he was a good husband.”

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Good husbands don’t get their uber-talented wives hooked on drugs and then use them for money. Right?

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