Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Considering Marriage?

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Considering Marriage?

Are Blake Lively and boyfriend Ryan Reynolds considering a walk down the aisle? That’s the new gossip surrounding the happy couple. The duo has been dating since October 2011 and new rumors are suggesting that they have already gotten married in a secret ceremony. The rumors came to light when a police officer filed a report in which he referred to Blake as Ryan’s wife.

The couple called the flub a mistake in the police report, but now a source is claiming that they are so in love with each other that they are actually considering a real marriage. A source said, “Blake and Ryan are so in love with each other. They’re really cute and sweet and they’re always talking about how they want to be together forever.”

It’s being said that Blake is the one who is actually trying to nail Ryan down into a commitment. I guess we can’t really blame her, if we were dating Ryan, we would definitely try to make ourselves Mrs. Ryan Reynolds, wouldn’t we, ladies?

The source said, “Blake’s very serious. I can totally see them getting married; she is different with Ryan than with any of the other guys she’s ever been with. She’s really young still and she’s enjoying dating Ryan, but they’re as serious as they can be and they have discussed the possibility of taking the next step together in the future when they are both ready.”

The insider went on to say, “Blake is perfect for Ryan. She loves his family, his mom loves her and they’re totally normal and down to earth, they are such a cute couple.”

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