Blake Lively Talks Motherhood And Her Other Careers

Blake Lively Talks Motherhood And Her Other Careers

Blake Lively, star of the new film, Age Of Adaline, talked about motherhood and her acting career with the Los Angeles Times in a recent interview. Lively expresses her delight in being a parent but does not sugarcoat all her experiences. She and her husband Ryan Reynolds had their baby girl, James four months ago.

Lively says she never knows when she is going to be crapped on or get a big smile, that life is now full of a lot of the unexpected. Those smiles, she says sometimes turn into hysterics. Lively is enjoying her motherhood and can’t imagine not ever having a baby. In her interview, Lively says she would be an 80-year-old woman with a baby if she could.

Lively and her husband have been very private with their new family life. She did make a rare, quick appearance with her daughter for the interview; however the interviewer agreed not to make a physical description of James part of the article. Lively spoke very highly of being a mom and her wish to have more children. She refers to motherhood as addictive but fears for her acting career with negative reviews she has faced.

The Age of Adaline will bring Lively back into acting which she has been absent from since Gossip Girl shut down production. She has been working on her Preserve website which she has been getting a lot of negative reviews on. She compares the reviews to being bullied, like someone in high school. Lively feels she is a lot better with promoting the brand than she is with acting, but does her best to tell what ever story she is portraying. Cooking and decorating are something she feels much more comfortable with, as they are something she is confident in doing, and says the ownership feels good.

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