Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert Having A Baby?

Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert Having A Baby?

Blake Shelton cleared up any negative reports about his marriage to fellow country music singer Miranda Lambert back in May, but some magazines are really going crazy with the latest gossip. Earlier today, the National Enquirer suggested that they were on the brink of filing for divorce from one another and now Life & Style magazine wants us to believe that the baby is the final cure-all for their union. Interesting, eh?

Is it interesting enough to sell magazines? We shall definitely find the answer to that one as the two magazine giants go head-to-head with the same featured celebrities on their covers. We’re guessing that the more scandalous of the two covers will be the one who brings in more sales. Have you ever heard that saying “If it bleeds, it leads”? It rings true for magazine sales on a weekly basis.

We’re guessing that the baby rumors surrounding these two aren’t any more real than the rumors that they are going through a divorce. We’re all hoping for the best for Miranda and Blake and Life & Style probably is reaching for that audience who only wants the happy endings for celebrities despite all of the odds. The Enquirer just went for the jugular, as they always do.

Which story do you believe, if at all?

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