Bobbi Kristina Brown Is Doing Better, According To Her Aunt

Bobbi Kristina Brown Is Doing Better, According To Her Aunt

Despite reports making the rounds that Bobbi Kristina Brown is near death and that the family should pull the plug on her life support, we’ve learned that there might actually be some hope. She is still in a coma at Emory University Hospital in Georgia, but we’ve learned that she is showing signs of improvement.

Bobby Brown isn’t giving up hope on his daughter and is still praying for a miracle to come through for her and help her recover. Rumors made their way across the internet suggesting that Bobby Brown had agreed with his family that they would pull her life support on today’s date – which just happens to be the third anniversary of Whitney Houston’s death. So far, it appears that is not the case as Bobbi Kristina’s condition is improving. Good news!

Leolah Brown spoke in a new interview to an Atlanta television station where she tried to clear up any negative rumors circling their family. She revealed, “I was very numb when I saw her..”

She went on to say, “It’s been very, very painful for everybody. Mainly Bobby, because that’s his baby. There are so many signs showing us that she will be okay. Krissi is fine.”

When asked if Bobbi Kristina is fine and improving, she said, “Yes, ma’am. She’s opening her eyes. Krissie is doing well right now. She is.”

There were also reports making the rounds that Bobbi Kristina had injuries to her face that were being investigated by the police department. Her aunt talked about Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend and rumored husband Nick Gordon. She revealed that Nick was not a good influence on her niece. She said, “I have my reasons.”

She said that she believes that Nick Gordon will be charged in the criminal investigation with regard to what happened to her niece. She said, “Oh yes, 110 percent. I hope that he will be charged. Soon.”

She said that she “didn’t know Nick” and “I never saw Nick” adding that they are “Not married. No, ma’am.”

If you are like the rest of us and are curious as to whether or not the rumors of Bobbi Kristina Brown attempting suicide are true, Leolah says that it’s not even a thought. She said, “Krissi would never do anything to herself. Everybody in the family knows that. There’s no doubt in my mind. Kriss loved life too much!”

As to rumors that there were problems between the Houston and Brown families, she said, “There’s no tension between Browns and Houstons. Everybody’s trying to stay strong and deal with this. Bobby wants Krissi to rest. She needs to heal.”

With regard to the rumors that she was being taken off of the ventilator to rest in eternity with her mother? Those reports aren’t true, either. She said, “No. Bobby’s calling the shots.”

She added, “She is doing better. So let’s be hopeful. I’m asking people to pray.”

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