Bobbi Kristina Brown Urged To Enter Rehab

Whitney Houston’s entire family wants Bobbi Kristina Brown, Whitney’s daughter, to go to a rehab center. They are waiting until after Whitney’s funeral to break the news to her about their wishes.

According to Bobbi’s family, she has abused drugs for a long three to four years. The family found a professional 60-day live-in rehab home for her, where she will learn how to function in society without drugs. Bobby has been in the hospital twice after her mom’s death and the family does not want the same thing to happen to her. They are being tasteful about the funeral situation, though, in allowing her time for mourning. The family is giving her time to mourn the loss of her mother right before the funeral and directly after.

As of now it is uncertain if she will listen to her family’s advice. If she does decide to go she will get over her drug problem and not end up following in her mother’s footsteps. Let’s hope that Bobbi Kristina can get her act together before it is too late.

RIP Whitney. Let’s not be saying RIP Bobbi Kristina at such a young age. Recently, it was said that Bobbi’s father, singer Bobby Brown, was only cozying up to Bobbi to get closer to Whitney’s money.

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