Bobby Brown Broke Promises Regarding Whitney Houston’s Funeral; Daughter Bobbi Kristina

According to the Houston family lawyer, Mark G. Trigg, Bobby Brown knew all about the seating arrangement prior to entering the church for former wife, Whitney Houston’s funeral. The attorney also revealed that Bobby broke an agreement not to contact his daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown — unless she reached out to him first.

In case you’ve missed it, Bobby was said to have caused a bit of a fuss during the service and left after only 20 minutes.

The lawyer revealed that Bobby agreed to sit in front with Whitney’s family, while three of his other children would sit further back with their uncle. This was all made clear to Bobby when he accepted the family’s invitation to the funeral service. He had also agreed not to approach Bobbi Kristina, [nicknamed Krissy], unless she made the first move.

Trigg said, “Our agreement prior to the service was that if Krissy reached out to Bobby, if she tried…to initiate any contact with him, security was certainly going to make sure that happened and would not stand in the way of her reaching Bobby if she initiated the contact.”

Trigg went on to reveal, “What was asked of him however was that if Krissy didn’t initiate that contact for whatever reason, with whatever was going on in her head and heart and spirit, that day, if she didn’t initiate the contact, then he was not to reach out for her. Just to respect her and her wishes during the service. That was the agreement.”

During the service, Trigg said, Bobby tried to seek Bobbi’s intervention with the seating arrangement. Trigg added, “And when he went to interact with her, that’s when security said we would ask you please go to your seat. Please have your children sit with their uncle, and let’s not have any unnecessary drama here. That’s the point where he, for whatever reason, decided that he wanted to just leave the service. So he got with his three children, went up and kissed the casket and they walked out of the service.”

Photo Credit: Dan Callister / PCN Photos

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