Bobby Brown Tells All About Whitney Houston

Bobby Brown Tells All About Whitney Houston

Now that Whitney Houston is gone, it appears that her ex-husband Bobby Brown wants to issue some sort of tell all so that he can collect some cash from her memory. Ugh, this twit.

Bobby appears on the latest cover of the National Enquirer in their world exclusive. Apparently he’s revealing the truth about what went on with his relationship with the songbird. People like him will do anything just to cash in, won’t they? Let’s crap all over the memory of a beloved singer just for the almighty dollar? Nevermind the fact that she was your daughter’s mother. Ugh.

Did they have a secret second marriage? Not only that, but the tabloid is also making the claim that Bobby and Whitney a steamy week together before her death. If that were even remotely true, then he could have possibly shown enough respect for her to sit through her entire funeral — instead of leaving after only 20 minutes. Making matters worse is the fact that he performed in concert later that same night.

I don’t doubt that Bobby is trying to sell out his stories of his time spent with Whitney for the highest bidder. Do you? Poor Bobbi Kristina, I feel for her. Let’s hope for her sake that the rumors are not true.

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