Body Of Proof Preview: Season 2 Episode 12 ‘Shades Of Blue’ 1/10/12

Body Of Proof Preview: Season 2 Episode 12 'Shades Of Blue' 1/10/12

It’s an all new episode of Body Of Proof tonight on ABC at 10PM EST! The show is back with a new episode, titled, Shades Of Blue.

From the episode’s synopsis:

When an undercover cop is found executed at a truck stop, the search for the killer hits close to home.

Dr. Hunt (Dana Delany) and Peter Dunlop (Nicholas Bishop) usually work together to solve the mysteries surrounding the death of the murder victims. It appears that tonight’s episode is different as the victim was an undercover cop.

Watch the promo video:

Dr. Hunt interrupts a tactical operation in order to search for the cop’s killer. It pits the cops and the doctors against each other and Peter tells her that he can’t work with her on this one.

Will her stance in the case cause her friendship with Peter to fall apart? Stay tuned, as we will be recapping the show live, as it airs — tonight!

Are you a Body Of Proof fan? Hit the comments and let us know your favorite part about the show!

Update: We are providing our live coverage of the show, as it airs, at our sister site, Tragicomical. Join us at this link!

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