Body Of Proof Season 2 Episode 4 – Lazarus Man Synopsis & Recap 10/11/11

Body Of Proof Season 2 Episode 4 - Lazarus Man Synopsis & Recap 10/11/11

Tonight is an all new episode of Body Of Proof and we’ll be covering the show LIVE!

From the synopsis for tonight’s show:

A man presumed dead who walks off Ethan’s examination table leads the team to a shocking discovery.

The official recap:

The show opens with the medical examiner, Dr. Megan Hunt, and new assistant Dani bringing in a body for Ethan to help process. The victim is 28-year-old Alex Grant, who died of a suspected overdose. The victim has a bullet wound in his side.

Peter comes in to Megan’s office and he asks her about something personal. Ethan interrupts and tells them that their newest victim has a gunshot wound. Ethan and Megan go back to the office to examine the body, but it’s gone.

Ethan and Megan go to Curtis and ask him about the body. They said it’s not like he just got up and walked away. Megan finds him in the cafeteria.

The victim nails his roommate Paul Crawford as the shooter, as he’s being carted off in an ambulance. The detectives storm the apartment. Detective Baker informs the other detective that the perp is on the move in a garbage truck. They subdue him, but it wasn’t the driver. Paul is in the back of the garbage truck, dead.

Peter and Megan are examining Paul and don’t think it’s possible that he was associated with Alex.

The detectives are questioning Paul’s boss, who says he was a good employee and didn’t believe he could rub anyone the wrong way. They’re asking him where he could’ve gone the night before.

Ethan is examining some cells under a microscope, but he’s distracted by Dani. Curtis busts Dani for how she’s dressed. He’s also upset that she zipped the first guy up without making sure that he was dead first. Ethan has a crush on him. Curtis tells him that she would break him in half.

After searching Paul’s room, the detectives find a gun. Peter and Megan are talking when they get interrupted by his sisters, Libby, Diane and Nancy. They said he doesn’t return their calls or emails, so they had to go to the job to see him. They’re telling him that his ex-girlfriend Lizzie DeMarco is in town and he only has a few days to act. Megan is teasing him about it now.

Megan and Peter are at the trash site of a construction site for a school, investigating the possible scene of the crime. One of them finds blood and a sign for Paul’s boss. Coincidence?

Dr. Murphy, along with Detectives Morris and Baker go to see Paul’s boss. She says she’s busy and that she’s in a meeting. They inform her that Paul was killed at the school. Her assistant informs them that Paul had a visitor who left him shaken up. They view surveillance video and see the guy.

Peter is asking Ethan about the DNA match for the victim. Megan asks Peter if he called Lizzie DeMarco. She tells Ethan that Lizzie was Peter’s great love and that she’s back in town and single. Ethan is nagging him to take Lizzie out.

At the hospital, they find that Alex is going to be out. The bullet was from a 25mm gun. The detectives go in to talk to Alex and try to wake him up. Megan is whispering in his ear and he wakes up. They inform him that he’s in the hospital and that he’d been shot. He recalls going into his apartment and doesn’t remember anything. Alex said that they should ask Paul, but they tell him they can’t talk to Paul because he’s dead.

The detectives go looking for Mikey, by talking to his mother. They ask her where he is, but she doesn’t say anything. She asks Detective Baker how her brother is doing and she tells the mother to tell Mikey that they’re looking for him.

Ethan informs them that the DNA just came back and it’s Paul’s blood, in addition to Alex Grant’s. The detectives go to the hospital and cuff Alex, accusing him of murdering Paul. They tell him that they’ve got him for the murder, so get well soon.

Paul’s boss, the councilwoman, is talking to investors at the school. She’s telling everyone that the cops have arrested someone in connection with Paul’s death. Dr. Murphy tells her that she’s being irresponsible.

Back at the office, Megan told Curtis about Lizzie. Curtis is telling him not to contact Lizzie. Megan is telling them about an organ transplant that Paul had. They’re headed to the hospital. Megan tells detectives to remove the cuffs. She suspected that Alex donated bone marrow to save Paul’s life. She is right. Alex tells them that he owed money and Paul died because of him.

The detectives are staking out Mikey’s mother’s business, in hopes to find him. Detective Baker tells Detective Morris about how her brother died. Mikey just walked into the store to get some money out of the register. His mother tells him that the cops are coming in. Detective Baker heads him off at the pass and knocks him to the ground.

They’re telling Mikey that they’ve got video of him threatening Paul. He doesn’t see the profit in killing someone. He said he’s still there, unlike Detective Baker’s brother. She goes in for the attack and Detective Morris throws him on the car.

Dani walks in on Ethan doing his work up on Paul’s body. He’s going to release it and she offers to help him. She offers to help him clean the body. They’re flirting with each other. She squirts a bottle of what was thought to be water on Paul and his hand turns green.

Back at Alex’s apartment, they’re asking him about Paul and whether or not they had a safe. He said Paul had a safe where he kept his valuables and he wasn’t supposed to know about it. He moves a shelf, exposing a hole in the wall, where he was hiding environmental reports. The numbers for two different sites have the same exact results.

The substance found on his body was something that tests for unsafe chemicals in the soil. They are now testing the area around the school for anything unsafe. As it turns out, the soil isn’t safe….

The councilwoman is being questioned about the chemicals that were dumped into the ground that the school was built on. Paul figured out that the environmental report on the school was forged. The councilwoman signed the docs to expedite the reports.

The councilwoman’s assistant takes off her coat and Megan tells her about Alex complaining about a carbuerator he was working on. She smells the same thing on the assistant’s coat. Megan is going to swab it.

She wants to make a deal and says that Kavanaugh pulled the trigger. By the time they uncovered the contamination, they were already $50 million into it. Detective Baker puts her under arrest.

Megan takes Alex to the morgue to show him Paul’s body. He said donating marrow to Paul was probably the only good thing he’s ever done. She tells him that Paul saved a lot of children who would’ve gotten sick from the chemicals in that school. He said he was given a second chance and he’s going to do something with it, for Paul.

Megan is having a drink and is joined by a man, who she turns down when he asks to take a seat next to her. Peter shows up at the bar, after having had dinner with Lizzie. He said that it wasn’t like it once was. He doesn’t like their whole dynamic of digging into his life. He said so they have a “thing”, and she says they’ve always had a thing.

Are you a fan of Body of Proof? What did you think of tonight’s episode?

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