Brad Pitt’s Fears For Daughter Shiloh

Brad Pitt's Fears For Daughter Shiloh

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie cover the latest issue of Life And Style Magazine and they are reporting on Brad’s fears for their daughter Shiloh.

The cover says, “As Angelina cuts Shiloh’s hair shorter, Brad breaks down worrying that his little girl will be ridiculed.”

We all know that Shiloh is a bit of a tomboy with her Montenegro style, so we’re not seeing what the big deal is. Dads always want their little girls to look like pretty princesses, but you can’t always get what you want…as evidenced by Shiloh’s look. So what that she likes her hair shorter than other girls. We’re doubting that anyone is going to pick on the daughter of the famous couple.

Also featured in this issue is Heidi Klum’s divorce from “bully”, Seal. In addition, Kristin Cavallari will be a pregnant bride. Also featured is Johnny Depp’s reported separation from his partner, Vanessa Paradis. He moved out?

We’re not buying into the Johnny Depp leaving Vanessa Paradis story whatsoever. She cryptically denied that they were separated, so what gives? Apparently the tabloids don’t keep up with the headlines?

What do you think?

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