Bradley Cooper And Suki Waterhouse Back Together?

Bradley Cooper And Suki Waterhouse Back Together?

Rumors have been flying about the status of Bradley Cooper’s relationship with Suki Waterhouse. Recently, it was reported that Cooper and Waterhouse went their separate ways because she wasn’t really that supportive of his acting career.

At the beginning of their romance, rumors swirled that his mother Gloria didn’t like Waterhouse and felt that the model was merely using her son in order to further her own career aspirations. That might’ve seemed to be the case when she and Cooper went their separate ways – but are they back together?

After they broke things off, that gave way to rumors about him hooking up with his “work wife” Jennifer Lawrence. He has said in the past that Lawrence was way too young for him, but we know that’s BS because Waterhouse is the same age. Still, after showing up to an event together, we are curious if Cooper and Waterhouse have found their way back to each other once again.

Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse went to dinner in Los Angeles prior to attending the Coachella Festival over the weekend. Attendees at the festival said that they looked like they had reconciled as they were spotted kissing on Friday night in Indio, California. Sources on the scene said that they were “making out at Coachella during Interpol’s set.”

While waiting in line for food, they were said to be getting all cozy as well. It sounds to us like they have decided to give their romance another shot. Despite the reports of her being unsupportive of his career, we have also heard rumors that she opted to spend Valentine’s Day with her friends instead of him – thus causing a rift between the pair. Reportedly, she decided to hang out with friends in Austin, Texas as opposed to spending the romantic day with Cooper.

Either way, it appears that they have put their differences behind them and are back together. What do you think?

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