Bradley Cooper’s Mother Hates His Girlfriend Suki Waterhouse

Bradley Cooper's Mother Hates His Girlfriend Suki Waterhouse

Bradley Cooper’s mother Gloria has been known for being quite the meddler in his personal affairs, so why should his relationship with girlfriend Suki Waterhouse be any different? We’ve learned that Bradley is ready to walk down the aisle with Suki, but Gloria is already gearing up to boycott the nuptials.

Bradly mentioned the idea of marrying Suki to his mother, but she was not feeling it. A source revealed, “Gloria told Bradley: ‘Well, I hope you plan a very small wedding because I won’t be there!’ It’s heartbreaking for Bradley, because he’s crazy about Suki and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.”

The source went on to say, “But at the same time, he’s a mama’s boy and it really dampens his enthusiasm that Gloria isn’t on board with it. Gloria very much wants to see Bradley happy and settled down. But she doesn’t think Suki is the girl for him.”

Should his mother just learn to keep her nose out of his personal business? Or do you think that Bradley could do better than his current squeeze? We’ve heard previous rumors that Suki was merely using Bradley in order to up her level of fame, so that is also a possibility. Perhaps Gloria sniffed Suki out for what she really is — mothers have a way of doing that, no? What do you think?

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