Breaking Bad Game Released!

Breaking Bad Game Released!

If you are as much of a fan of the hit AMC show Breaking Bad as we are, then you are going to just love playing this game. As the show is drawing closer to its inevitable conclusion, we are saddened by its eventual absence. In the meantime and afterward, however, you can enjoy playing as Walter White AKA Heisenberg in this adaptation of the hit show.

Want to cook that famous blue meth like Heisenberg? In this Breaking Bad themed game, developed by RoundGames, you can deliver the famed meth to Jesse Pinkman to collect your cash. In the game, as Walt, you can also collect Phosphorus and Sodium Hydroxide in order to eliminate your enemies. It’s just like the show!

Check out this video preview of the game below:

This particular game was created by fans of the hit series FOR fans of the show. You can relive episodes from the first four seasons of the show by playing this cool game. There are currently 24 stages of the game, but they will be updating it once the show has reached its conclusion.

You can play the Breaking Bad themed game here at RoundGames. Just be aware that the game does contain obvious spoilers if you have yet to get through the show in its entirety. What are you waiting for? GO PLAY THIS NOW.

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