Breaking Bad Recap: Confessions

Breaking Bad Recap: Confessions

On Sunday, an all new episode of Breaking Bad aired, titled Confessions. Last week we were left wondering if Jesse Pinkman was going to rat out Walt to Hank so that he could be arrested for his criminal activities. Read the full recap of Buried here.


Confessions kicks off with Hank and Jesse in the interrogation room and Jesse isn’t saying a word about Walt’s criminal activity. Jesse is fractured and Walt tells him to get away from New Mexico and start over.

Walt, Skyler, Hank and Marie all meet for dinner with Hank obviously seething because of his knowledge. Marie tells Walt to just kill himself and this will all die with him. Previously, Walt recorded a video of himself pinning the entire drug kingpin on Hank. Hank and Marie watch in horror as Hank calls it what it is: a threat to back off.

Jesse was also able to finally pin the Ricin incident on Walt and he lashes out at Saul over it. Huell bumps into Jesse, snatching the Ricin cigarette — right before Jesse was set to disappear from Albuquerque. Saul was scared to death and we thought it was going to be the end of him once and for all.

Jesse doesn’t take that much fault with Saul, so he steals his car keys and runs over to the White household and starts dousing everything inside with gasoline. Prior to that, Saul called Walt to warn him of the problem and Walt grabs his gun from inside the pop machine at the car wash.

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