Breaking Bad Recap: Felina

Breaking Bad Recap: Felina

Breaking Bad returned to AMC for its series finale on Sunday titled Felina. As most of you, we were certainly anxious to see how it all played out. We had our theories and we’ve watched the series finale several times in order to bring the best possible recap from a fan’s perspective.

Walt travels from New Hampshire back to Albuquerque in order to deal with Gretchen and Elliott Schwartz first. He gives them his money, save for $200,000 of which he tells them he used to hire some of the best hitmen on the planet. He tells them to give the millions to his son Flynn on his 18th birthday in ten months and two days. No one would be the wiser having the money come from rich benefactors. The government would not be able to seize the money and Walt would get no credit for passing on the cash to his family. Excellent return for Badger and Skinny Pete!

Walt realizes Jesse has been cooking the “choice” blue meth. Next, we see Jesse visualizing himself wood working instead of actually cooking meth. This is a nod back to Kafkaesque, where Jesse was asked to talk to his NA group about the last time he felt competent. He told of how he made a beautiful wooden box, but unfortunately, he is dragged back into reality by his chain. The screen flips back to Walt celebrating his 52nd birthday at a diner and looking in his trunk at his machine guns. Later, he’s at his old house getting the ricin out of an electrical outlet. While walking through his old house, he flashes back to when Hank first offered him a ride along to see a meth business up close and personal for the first time.

Walt eavesdrops on Lydia’s conversation at The Grove with Todd. He joins them to try to pitch an idea about making meth without using methylamine for a million dollars. She asks how he knew how to find her and he Walt tells her that they were meeting at the same time and place while working together. She is definitely a creature of habit.. Lydia says Jack should hear Walt’s offer. She thinks it would be best for the Aryans to kill Walt. Then, we see her dissolving the only pack of Stevia at her table into her chamomile tea with soy milk. Finally, the ricin is used and after all of this time!

Next, we cut to Walt in the desert making an automatic machine gun firing system for his trunk. It’s Jesse’s robot! (From season 2 episode 9 “4 Days Out”) After seeing his a necklace with his wedding ring on it hanging from his neck, we cut to the inside of Skyler’s trailer. The phone is ringing and Skyler lets it go to voicemail. It’s Marie warning her that Walt is back in town. After she hangs up with Marie, Walt is seen in her kitchen. She gives him five minutes.

Walt tells her that it’s over and the cops will be coming to him. She says that if he’s in custody, then what is going to stop those masked men from coming back to keep her from talking about Lydia. After tonight, he assures her, they won’t be coming back. Then he gives her the lottery ticket which contains the coordinates to where Agent Gomez and Hank are buried. He says that is where he buried their money and the men who stole it from them murdered Hank and Steve and buried them there. He tells her to trade that for a deal with the prosecutor in order to get herself out of this. He finally admits that he did all of those things not for his family, but for himself. He says he liked it, he was good at it and he was alive. Before he leaves, she allows him one last chance to see their daughter. He leaves but then sees his son before going.

Walt then pulls his car into the warehouse yard where Uncle Jack’s men are. Walt taunts Jack by saying that he didn’t do his job of killing Jesse, but instead made a partner out of him. Jack, angry, tells Todd to drag Jesse there for Walt to see. He’s in shackles and it’s clear that he’s no partner. Walt tackles him to the floor as he clenches his thumb on the alarm button on his keys. The bullets spray and kill everyone of the Aryans with the exception of Todd. Jesse jumps up and wraps his chain around Todd’s neck, brings him to the floor and strangles him to death. “Jesus, Mr. White” indeed! Then, Walt picks up a gun and lets Jack, who is still barely alive, take a puff of a cigarette. Jack tries to plead for his life in exchange for the rest of Walt’s money, but Walt shoots him just like Jack did Hank — mid-sentence.

Jesse unshackles himself to see Walt standing there with a gun. Walt puts the gun on the floor and kicks it over to Jesse. Jesse holds up the gun like he’s going to shoot Walt and Walt says “do it”. Walt and Jesse have a stand off, but Jesse won’t shoot him because he realizes Walt is already wounded. He tells Walt to do it himself and then walks out.

Then we hear Todd’s phone ringing with his Lydia ringtone. Walt answers it and she asks if “it’s done”. Walt tells her “he’s gone” and that they’re all gone. She asks who she’s talking to and he says “Walt”. He says to her, “How are you feeling? Kinda under the weather? Like you got the Flu? That would be the ricin I gave you. I slipped it into that Stevia crap that you’re always putting in your tea. Well, goodbye Lydia.”

He tosses the phone to the ground and we get one final moment of Jesse and Walt together. He gets a real goodbye in the form of a nod from a son-like figure who respects him for protecting him and Jesse drives off maniacally.

In his final scene, Walt goes to Jesse’s lab and admires it. The song is fitting, beginning with “Guess I got what I deserved…”

As the cops arrive, Walt dies with his “baby blue”.

Well done! What did you think of the series finale of the show?

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