Breaking Bad Recap: Season 5, Episode 10: ‘Buried’

Breaking Bad Recap: Season 5, Episode 10: 'Buried

On Sunday an all new episode of Breaking Bad aired on AMC, titled Buried. Last week, Walt convinced Jesse that he didn’t kill Mike. He also told Lydia that she was on her own with the business. In addition, Hank put all of the pieces together to find that Walt was actually Heisenberg. They confront one another in Hank’s garage with Walt saying that he’s dying and would never see the inside of a jail cell. He tells Hank to “tread lightly”.


After Hank and Walt’s confrontation, he called up Skyler for a meeting. He wants her to tell him on the record everything she knows about Walt’s criminal activity. She tells him that she wants a lawyer, but he protests. She asks him if she’s under arrest after he demands that she get the kids and come back to his house where it’s safe. She yells, asking if she’s under arrest and leaves the restaurant.

Walt has the safe with the money stacked in it cleaned out and he tells Saul to find Jesse. Meanwhile, Marie visits Sklyer and asks her about the truth about Walt. When Marie finds out how long Skyler knew, she slaps her and tries to leave with Holly. At Hank’s instruction, Marie gives Holly back to Skyler.

In the desert, Walt is digging up a spot to hide his money. To remember the coordinates of the location of the barrels, Walt buys a lottery ticket with the latitude and longitude as the numbers. Skyler comes in to tell him that she didn’t tell Hank anything and as he’s getting ready for a bath, he passes out on the bathroom floor.

Lydia goes to see her cooks, who tells her that Heisenberg’s standards don’t matter anymore. Outside she hears a bunch of shots and she emerges and tells Todd that she doesn’t want to “see”. He leads her through all of the bodies while she covers her eyes.

The cops pull in Jesse over the fact that he’s been passing out money all over Albuquerque. Hank offers to get Jesse yapping for them because he hates Hank’s guts.

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