Breaking Bad’s Series Finale Poster For September 29, 2013 (Photo)

Breaking Bad's Series Finale Poster For September 29, 2013 (Photo)

We are anxiously awaiting the series finale for AMC’s hit show Breaking Bad. The final episode airs on September 29th and we are waiting with baited breath for the most epic showdown in the history of television. Will it be Walter White versus Jesse Pinkman? Who will come out on top?

In effect, even though Uncle Jack was commissioned to take out Jesse, Todd decided to beat some information out of him and use him as a meth cook. Prior to all of that, Walt teased Jesse with the details of how he watched Jane choke on her own vomit and did nothing to save her.

With Jesse alive and Walt going off to the van with a new identity, anything can happen on this weekend’s upcoming series finale of the show. Until then, AMC has released the above photo of the finale episode poster. It’s the RV that Walt and Jesse used to cook meth in for the first time out in the middle of the desert!

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Hat tip: Scottie

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